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NSW Labor Leader Michael Daley visits Heart GP

Valentine's Day - 14 February, 2019

Picture by Dianne Engesser/Narrative Post: Heart GP doctor Fiona Napier-Flood, Christina Daley, NSW Labor Leader Michael Daley, Heart GP Founder Tim Dugan, Heart GP Nurse Siroun Woods and Heart GP Sonographer Simone Kelderman.


As a Valentine's Day gift to his wife Christina, NSW Labor Leader, Michael Daley, visited our clinic at Westfield Eastgardens.


“Get your heart checked. It is the biggest killer in our country and even if you think your heart is okay, it might not be,” he said.


Cardiovascular disease is a major cause of death and permanent disability in Australia.


Someone dies of Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) every 12 minutes*

Someone has an acute heart event (heart attack or angina every 8 minutes*

There were over 3,000 hospitalisations for CVD/day in Australia in 2015/16 - that's over 1.1 million/year*

* Data produced by Australian Institute of Health & Welfare (


“Heart GP will revolutionise the treatment and management of heart disease for patients, providing the highest standard of care for heart health,” Tim Dugan, Heart GP's Founder and CEO said.


“We provide a GP-based service, focusing solely on improving access to care, simplifying the treatment pathway for patients and improving ongoing care and management by integrating services.


“This means that you will be able to have your heart checked at the Heart GP clinic and, if you need further diagnosis or treatment, you will be able to do it in one place, rather than multiple locations.


“This process shortens the care pathway considerably and reduces the risk of people having a dangerous cardiac event as well as relieving the patient’s frustration at having to navigate a complex system. Heart GP is here to support the patient, other GPs and specialists by integrating care.”


Heart GP's aim is to open clinics in shopping centres all around the country. The hope being to encourage more people take their heart health seriously with easier access to high quality levels of care.